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Come, fallow us to the doe-main in cervus of those creatures deer to our harts! :rudolph: = :heart:

Bad puns aside, this group is for deer artists of all kinds (traditional, digital, artisan crafts, etc.), those who RP deer or deer-like* fursonas/OCs, and those who photograph wild or domestic deer. If you love cervines (which throughout history have been considered sacred in religion and folklore around the world) as much as we do, then please join us and share the love of all things deer! <3 (Because we don't want this group to stag-nate!) ;)


*"Deer-like" meaning deer-taurs/fauns, perytons/wendigos, kirins/qilins and other deer-based unicorns, tree-antlered deer, deer-based hippogryphs, deer-dragons/chimeras, jackalopes, Endless Forest chars, and various other antlered creatures and people (like Herne), etc. If your submission depicts something else deer-like and you're unsure if it's suitable for this group, just ask! :)

Note: Please help us spread the word about this group by placing the group's icon (or a text link) in your journal on somewhere on your userpage. Also, if anyone would like to be added as a contributor, just note me. Thanks to everyone for your wonderful submissions--keep them coming! :D And I'm still learning how to run a group, so please bear with me...If anyone else here has experience running groups, I would love to hear your suggestions on how to improve this one. :)
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Submitted on
January 16, 2010