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A group for deer artists of all kinds (traditional, digital, artisan crafts, etc.), those who RP deer or deer-like* fursonas/OCs/fan art, and those who photograph wild or domestic deer. If you love cervines (which throughout history have been considered sacred in religion and folklore around the world) as much as we do, then please join us and share the love of all things deer! :rudolph: = :heart:

For Group Rules and further info, please go here:…

(*Note: By "deer-like" we mean: deer-taurs/fauns, perytons and wendigos, the Tariaksuq, the Sianach, the Zlatarog, Hiiden Hirvi, antlered kirins/qilins and other deer-based unicorns, tree-antlered deer, deer-based hippogryphs, deer-dragons/chimeras, jackalopes and wolpertingers--antlered, not horned, AND having hooves as well--and various mythical/hybrid, antlered creatures and people--like Herne/Cernunnos, etc., so long as they have other deer features/aspects than antlers alone. And acceptable fan art would be that of: The Endless Forest, Fire Bringer/Rannoch, Bambi, Rudolph, Stantler, Shikijika, Mebukijika, Shikamaru, Tony Tony Chopper, Keiki, Masamune/Blackstar/Soul Eater, Mime Deer, Mini-moose, Rutt & Tuke, HTF Lumpy, Niko, Elliot, etc.)

Also, since many people have asked us, our animated group icon was graciously made for us by the talented Lizkay! The original image it is based off of can be seen here:… :)
Founded 8 Years ago
Jan 16, 2010


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5,073 Members
5,289 Watchers
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Ungulate size chart by apeldille
NEW - Traditional
Moose and Gnome by Snarkyandbarky
Jump by Kwazar
Boing boing boing by JonesWannabe
Expecto Patronum!!! by ElizabethHolmes
November Whitetail buck 1 2016 by natureguy
Early morning Doe an Yearling by natureguy
Deer Profile by TheFredricus
Bull Elk 05 by TheRoamingRedWolf
Artisan Crafts and Body Art
Fedor Priam Sculpture by cochepic
Unconditional Love by DrewCarriker6231993
Cernunnos Altar Cloth: Celtic Pagan Horned God by ImogenSmid
Sleighbell! by BNCreation
The Guardian by Shirokibo
Daze the Deer [cmsn] by Toledo-the-Horse
Deer by Gudai
Fire deer by ElenaDudina
Icons, Tags, Anims, Adopts, Stamps and Misc.
reupload by bee-sauce
Deer Adopts [FLATSALE, 2/5 OPEN] by Sharklore
Feathered Deer Adopt CLOSED OTA by MsMydeer
Fishy Deer Adoptables [OPEN 5/5] by Beccaespi
Ref Sheets, DevIDs and Conbadges
Geidi Primes by holykerosene
rotten piece of reindeer meat by Muketti
AF - Design attack by Yutoya
Red deer herd: Reference sheet by Nothofagus-obliqua
Dampyr by Quanyon
Come Little Boy by Atlasfield
Not such a good idea... by TheLaserBeam
Moose Dam by Crissiesaurus
NEW--WIPs, Sketches, Scraps and Speedpaints
Deer waifu by DraftHoof
Deer With Branch Antlers By MarshyCat by MarshyCat
White Tailed Deer Lines [P2U] by QueenHalloween
Raffle / CLOSED by llEeckranistll
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Pair by J-Dove
Arbor by aganox
ARCHIVE Traditional 01
Raven Queen (Colored) by Cervidian94
Stag by photomechanic
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Hetki Aikaa by Tuonenkalla

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For Your Information

Remember: Following results of our poll [below] we are no longer accepting just anything with antlers to the group! They MUST have other deer features to be eligible.

Example: Deer-based fauns are allowed. Humans with antlers are not.


:bulletgreen: Featured: ONE piece, chosen by an admin will be featured daily.

:bulletorange: Traditional Art: Art created without a computer!

:bulletgreen: Digital Art: Art created with a computer!

:bulletorange: Photography: Photos of deer, and/or photos of deer crafts/sculpture/toys/etc NOT made by you.

:bulletgreen: Artisan Crafts and Body Art: Sculpture, crafts, jewelry featuring deer, or made from deer antler/bone/hide/etc, and deer-related tattoos/body paint MADE BY YOU.

:bulletorange: Photomanips: Photomanipulations and/or digital collage made using stock photos, and/or free-use images.

:bulletgreen: Writings, Cards, etc: Any artwork which features text as part of the design.

:bulletorange: Icons, Tags, etc: Icons, sprites, animations, stamps, adoptables go here. ALL images with transparencies go in this folder.

:bulletgreen: Refsheets, Dev IDs and Conbadges: Images intended to establish a working reference or to serve as identification for a personal deer character.

:bulletorange: WIPs, Sketches, Speedpaints: ANY artwork that appears unfinished or 'messy'. Usually anything submitted under "Scraps" will end up here. Likewise anything called "sketch," "in progress," "unfinished" and so on.

NOTE: If you feel your piece deserves to be moved to another category you can make your case [politely] to an admin - just note the group. Please include a link to the piece in question, we see a lot of artwork every day!

If you aren't sure where to submit your piece, don't be afraid to ask! :)
Hello everyone!

I think I speak for a large number of us when I say you find deer inspiring or a large part of your art - I know they are for me. Some of you may be familiar with a game called The Endless Forest? The Endless Forest is a game-like computer program in which you are a deer, and you chill with other deer. from their website:

The Endless Forest is a multiplayer online game and social screensaver, a virtual place where you can play with your friends. When your computer goes to sleep you appear as a deer in this magical place. There are no goals to achieve or rules to follow. Just run through the forest and see what happens.

The Endless Forest has been a huge part of my artistic development and maybe its a big part of yours too? Or maybe you just love it for its beautiful simplicity.

The Endless Forest needs YOUR help!

The Endless Forest is a relaxing multiplayer online game where everyone plays a deer. Instead of chatting, questing or killing, people play with each other creatively in a virtual forest filled with magical surprises. The current version of the game has been going strong for 10 years with 170,000 registered players but we haven’t been able to expand it because its technology is outdated. Now we want to continue the endless growth that we have always envisioned for this project .

Even if you can pledge just a small amount, you will be helping ensure the games expansion and rebuild comes to fruition. There are some great rewards for both yourself AND the future of the game and its community. Help spread the word, we have until December the 27th!

If you want to learn more about the endless forest, here is the games official website!

And a feature of some of the amazing artwork inspired by the game!

Friends by IISky The Crying Idol by Heyriel Guard by apeldille The Sun, The Moon, and The Earth by Eyestrain Quiet Strength by Shadowwolf What is it? by NatalieDeCorsair The Moon by alcinda
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:icondeerplz: :icondeer2plz: :iconreindeerplz: :iconmooseplz: :iconfawnplz: :icontealdeerplz: :iconbuttfloofplz: :iconcutedeerplz: :iconalertdeerplz: :iconshockeddeerplz: :iconumadbambiplz: :tldr: Teal Deer by Emotikonz

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:rudolph: Non-Violent Human-Deer Co-Existence Strategy:…

Have a link to suggest? Please let us know! :)



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